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I am Tristan Mira, born in the Philippines at 15/08/2001, I came to Singapore 2011 because of my father's work and studied here at Primary 2. I love traditional Filipino food such as Sinigang and Adobo. I love doing Calisthenics on my free time as well and most of all, I love spending time with my family on the weekends. I finished the toughest hurdle in my life, which is O-levels and I am currently going to school in Singapore Polytechnic, the course I'm taking is Diploma in Information Technology.

Sample of Filipino foods
Description from a site: "This classic adobo recipe is simple to make and famous with all who have tasted it. It has been modified to be a bit more saucy than traditional adobo, it is delicious served over rice."

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Description from a site: "Filipino soup cooked with pork. Serve with rice and for additional sauce, use soy or fish sauce. If you want to, you can add what Filipinos call gabi gabi, which is a small taro root. When peeled they look like potatoes. You can add 5 to 6 of them when you add the water and make sure they are cooked through. Take them out when they are cooked because they can get too soft."

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